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Donic Xtreme

Donic Xtreme

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Donic Xtreme Table Tennis Blade

Here comes a real innovation! The Donic Xtreme is produced with a completely new type of carbon fibre with fantastic features: The so-called STC (Spread Tow Carbon) ensures outstanding stiffness and increased stability – and at the same time a significantly lighter weight. The new kind of carbon fibre on which this technology is based has already being used with great success in other sports, such as cycling, sailing and skiing. The blade developers at Donic have been inspired by this experience: The Donic Xtreme provides fantastic ball feedback and a unique touch when hitting the ball. Thanks to the new carbon fibre, the manufacturing of high-quality blades has reached a new level with the Donic Xtreme. Attack with everything modern technology has to offer! For offensive players who expect good dynamic and sensitive ball feedback when hitting the ball.

Product Specs

Control: 8+
Speed: 10-
Elasticity : nearly stiff
Weight: 85-90g
Layers: 7 (5+2)
Characteristics: OFF, OFF+


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