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Donic Waldner Dotec AR

Donic Waldner Dotec AR

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Donic Waldner Dotec AR Table Tennis Blade

In the case of this blade, the Dotec mesh lies directly under the Limba covering ply. The middle layer consists of Limba ply. The core is made out of 4,5 mm Dotec-Balsa. Playing Characteristics: The Limba / Balsa combination produced by the Donic Dotec Technology, results in a perfect, relatively speedy, all round blade. The touch is amazing when returning the ball. One cannot experience better control inside the Donic Dotec range! Offensive allround players and controlled offensive players. Lightweight, relatively hard and fast, with an incredible feel.

Product Specs

Control: 8
Speed: 8+
Elasticity : nearly stiff
Weight: 80g
Layers: 5+2
Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF –

Handle Shape
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