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Donic Waldner Allplay

Donic Waldner Allplay

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Donic Waldner Allplay Table Tennis Blade

For allround players that want to play a varied game.
Excellent control, lightweight, great feel with good speed reserves.
Technology: 5 veneers made of abachi (core veneer), limba (2+4) and limba (1+5, outer veneer)

An absolute classic and one of the world’s best-selling blades, The DONIC ALLPLAY is also available in the Waldner design. This blade features a handle made of dark natural wood, fantastic ball control, quality workmanship and a love for detail: All of this is available at an astonishingly low price.

Product specs

Control: 8+
Speed: 6+
Elasticity : control-elastic
Weight: 85 grams
Layers: 5
Characteristics: AR, AR +, AR -, DEF +


Handle Shape
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