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Donic Spike P1

Donic Spike P1

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Donic Spike P1 Table Tennis Rubber


  • Control: 7
  • Speed: 3
  • Spin: 3-10
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Surface: Long pimples
  • Characteristics: AR, AR -, DEF +
  • Störeffekt: 8

Product Information:

The SPIKE P1 and the SPIKE P2 are classic long pimple rubbers for defensive players; each of them has a sponge, but they are also available in the OX version (with no sponge). Anyone looking to play more aggressively or offensively with the pimples will be well suited to the SPIKE P1, which has a slightly harder sponge. Anyone who loves to play a classic defensive game will prefer the SPIKE P2. However, both rubbers provide players with what they need for a modern defensive game.

Spike P1 is a classic defensive pimpled rubber designed for the ambitious, technically advanced defender. The ribbed pimpled top surface makes possible a vast array of variations of play and extreme backspin. Even when a thinner sponge is used, the defender has the ability to vary the degree of spin up to maximum rotation. This rubber has been developed in close association with WANG XI, a top player with TTC Fulda-Maberzell and one of the world’s best defenders.

  • Technology: Medium-hard sponge (also available without sponge), topsheet with long pimples with ribbed pimple heads.
  • Characteristics: Elastic, versatile, with heavy spin reversal.
  • Recommendation: Modern defensive players that want to generate lots of backspin with the long pimples, utilise spin reversal and attack when the opportunity arises.
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