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Donic Slice 40 CD

Donic Slice 40 CD

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Donic Slide 40 CD Table Tennis Rubber


  • Control: 10
  • Speed: 5-
  • Spin: 10++
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Surface: control-elastic
  • Characteristics: AR -, DEF, DEF +
  • DONIC-Technology: Classic Technology Rubbers

Product Information:

The Slice 40 CD has been especially produced for the modern defender / all-rounder. Developed for hard pushing and shopping it is also suitable for controlled top spin.
A very grippy and tacky top surface rubber enables the player to produce a high quality and quantity of top spin, causing problems to opponents. Defenders are presented with a new weapon and all-rounders a reliable partner with this new rubber.

  • Technology: Soft sponge, control-elastic and slightly tacky topsheet.
  • Characteristics: Soft, with a good feel and extremely grippy.
  • Recommendation: Defensive players that utilise lots of backspin and controlled attackers that want to use heavy topspins.
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