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Sanwei Froster PBO EX-C

Sanwei Froster PBO EX-C

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Sanwei Froster PBO Table Tennis Blade

  • Sanwei Froster PBO Table Tennis Blade
  • New Flagship blade from table tennis manufacturer SANWEI
  • Blade consists of Military level PBO fiber
  • Weight center balanced, feeling closer to hand
  • Released in Nov 2022
  • Designed for Professional players
  • Used as a special material of advanced military body armor technology, PBO fiber is stronger and softer than ordinary carbon fiber.
  • SANWEI applied it in an attempt to create a perfect blade, and after numerous experiments, Froster PBO was born!

Product specs

  • Sanwei Froster PBO Table Tennis Blade + Case
  • Category: OFF+
  • Ply: 7 (5 + 2 PBO Fiber)
  • Reaction: 13
  • Vibration: 9
  • First speed: 13
  • Second speed: 12
  • Player type: Loop Attack
  • Category: OFF+
  • Comes with Sanwei Light Blue presentation protective bat case.
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