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Sanwei Froster EX-C

Sanwei Froster EX-C

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Sanwei Froster EX-C Table Tennis Blade

Froster is the flagship blade for the Expert-Carbon Series, also is the very first blade made by Sanwei's new cold-pressing technology.
Sanwei have studied the popular structures on the market and have tested many combinations , different layers in different thickness will always create slightly different results
Sanwei product team "we only want the right one and finally, we present you this Ex-C Froster, made by KOTO surface, Arylate-Carbon Fibre and Kiri Core.

Product specs

  • Sanwei Froster Blade
  • Material/Structure 5 Ply + 2 Arylate-Carbon
  • Reaction 12
  • Vibration 9
  • First speed 11
  • Second speed 11
  • Player type Loop Attack
  • Impact Mid
  • Playing Style OFF+
  • Handle Type FL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
  • FL Size 259 x 150
  • CS Size 240 x 150
Handle shape
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