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Donic Rubber Protector Sheet Formula

Donic Rubber Protector Sheet Formula

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Donic Table Tennis Rubber Protection Sheet Formula

  • The DONIC FORMULA table tennis rubber sheet foil protects all table tennis rubbers from dust, air oxidation and premature ageing.
  • Grip and playing characteristics of the rubber are maintained significantly longer.
  • Good adhesion on your rubber due to easy self-adhesive properties of the foil.

Application: Clean the surface of your table tennis rubber from dirt (e.g. with a DONIC rubber cleaner) before applying the rubber protection foil. Peel off the carrier foil of the FORMULA rubber foil and place it with the sticky surface on the rubber. Cut the FORMULA sheet to fit the shape of your racket. Keep the carrier foil and use it as a support for the sticky foil when it is removed before playing. Before each application of the protective foil, clean the surface of your rubber carefully.

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