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Donic Original Dotec OFF

Donic Original Dotec OFF

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Donic Original Dotec Offensive Table Tennis Blade

The benefits of the tried-and-tested Dotec technology are combined here with the innovative synthetic fibre CBF. The combination resulted in blades with an extremely good feel and outstanding ball feedback. The CBF technology features a synthetic fibre produced from volcanic rock that is used when bonding the carefully coordinated veneers together. Combined with the special playing feel of the Dotec blades, this results in something truly special. Play with the power of a volcano!

Recommendation: For offensive and power allround players that play close to the table or attack with power from mid-distance.

Product Specs

Control: 7+
Speed: 9
Elasticity : nearly stiff
Weight: 80g
Layers: 5
Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF –

Handle Shape
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