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Newgy Robo Pong 545 Versa Net Bundle

Newgy Robo Pong 545 Versa Net Bundle

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Newgy Robo Pong 545 Versa Net Bundle

  • Affordable table tennis robot with Versa net recycling net system
  • Manual ball delivery to 3 position
  • With 48 DONIC Coach P40+ 2-star balls

Basic model for the first steps in your work with a robot. The affordable solution for hobby players and beginners. With reduced ball frequency as well as reduced spin/speed for the learning of the basic shots.

The Robo-Pong 545 table tennis robot includes the AIM function, an enhancement to its predecessor, the Robo-Pong 540. This beneficial feature is a Manual 3-position left-to-right range of ball delivery for added versatility in your practice and training.

The frequency of the ball and the spin/speed can be adjusted continuously.

The integrated bucket contains up to 90 balls for several minutes of non-stop play.

Combined with the Newgy Versa-Net, you have ball capture and recycling, in addition to the ability to manually aim the Robo-Pong 545 ball delivery to three separate zones!

Product details:

  • Controls: analogue control box
  • Ball Recycling Net: Yes, versa net
  • Ball Bucket Capacity: 90 balls
  • Oscillator Positions: 3 manually
  • Balls per minute: 13 - 63
  • Ball Speed: <10 - 120 km/h
  • Ball size, mm: 40+ or 40
  • Weight (net): 4,5 kg
  • Dimensions, set-up: 31x51x20cm
  • Shot Selection: Topspin, Backspin, Sidespin, counter, Push, Serve

 Order by Tuesday 19/12/2023 to receive before Christmas.



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