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Donic Impuls 7.5

Donic Impuls 7.5

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Donic Impuls 7.5 Table Tennis Blade

For over 30 years Donic has continually been an innovator. One of those innovations includes the soft gluing process used for the veneers in the Impuls blades, which gives them very unique playing characteristics. During this process, individual plies are glued together using a latex/epoxy adhesive film that gives the Impuls blades their iconic damping and playing characteristics. Phenomenal ball acceleration, unmatched control, edge protection as a standard feature and a high level of breaking strength are just some of the benefits offered by Impuls technology. The three different models provide an option for players of all levels. This series is sure to have the ideal blade for you.

Recommendaton: For offensive players that want to win points quickly without compromise.

Product Specs

Control: 8
Speed: 9+
Elasticity : nearly stiff
Weight: 90g
Layers: 5
Characteristics: OFF, OFF –

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