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Sanwei Fextra

Sanwei Fextra

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Sanwei Fextra Table Tennis Blade

Fextra is a classic offensive with a seven-layer veneer structure. The Chinese manufacturer Sanwei has developed this wood specifically for the European market. The wood is classified by the speed between OFF and OFF-. The Limba exterior veneers and Ayous second level create a similar feel to classic blades such as the Stiga Clipper. A very well balanced blade recommended for offensive players that like a relatively heavy blade.

Product specs

  • Sanwei Fextra Table Tennis Blade
  • Speed 8+
  • Control 8
  • Weight: approx. 90gr to 95gr
  • Category: OFF -
  • Length of blade: 15.7cm
  • Width of blade: 14.9cm
  • Thickness of blade: 6.2mm
  • Plys: 7 ply made up of Limba and Ayous woods.
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