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Sanwei Feather Carbon

Sanwei Feather Carbon

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Sanwei Feather Carbon Table Tennis Blade

One of the lightest and most interesting offensive allround blades on the table tennis market. 5+2 construction consisting of balsa wood core, 2 soft middle layers, 2 carbon layers and 2 hinoki veneers. The result is a blade that is very well balanced with the weight very evenly distributed. The combination of layers ensures a large sweet spot, high dynamics and power yet at the same time lots of control and loads of spin potential!

Product specs

  • Sanwei Feather Carbon Table Tennis Blade
  • Speed 8 Control 8+
  • Category: ALL+
  • Ply: 5 + 2 carbon layers
  • Construction: Balsa core veneer, two limba veneers,
  • two LD carbon layers & two outer hinoki veneers
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Elasticity: Speed elastic
  • Made in China
  • Recommended for modern allround offensive table tennis players.
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