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Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon

Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon

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Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon Table Tennis Blade

A special fibre and the unique handle set the blades in the Dotec series apart from all others. The Dotec fibre developed by Donic ensures a soft feel when hitting the ball. The handle is curved, manufactured from a single piece and surrounded by natural cork. There are separate versions for right-handed players and left-handed players. In addition, all Dotec blades are produced with the edges rounded off. The human body contains billions of nerve cells, which makes it a seismographically sensitive organism, and our hands are no exception. Blades that have been designed with perfect ergonomics and a seamless transition between the handle and the blade face provide the best conditions for allowing your hand to focus on what’s important: the feel of the ball and the perfect touch. Despite the enormous potential for speed, quick topspins and smashes, the ball control for touch shots and slower play is remarkable with this blade. The blades in the Dotec series are a pleasure to grip and do this perfectly.

Recommendation: For offensive allround players and controlled offensive players.

Product Specs

Control: 7+
Speed: 9
Elasticity : stiff
Weight: 85g
Layers: 5+2
Characteristics: OFF, OFF +, OFF –

Handle Shape
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