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Donic Persson Jubilee 40

Donic Persson Jubilee 40

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Donic Persson Jubilee 40 Table Tennis Blade

Jörgen Persson has maintained his position among the top players in the world for more than 25 years and led Sweden to triumph as the men's national coach of Sweden in the 2023 European Championship. Persson has consistently maintained his position among the world’s elite, merely transitioning roles, Persson has always remained intimately connected to the sport, with DONIC providing support throughout his impressive 40-year journey.

Reason enough for a new blade: The new DONIC PERSSON JUBILEE 40, developed with all Persson's experience and feel for the ball.  Every day the 1991 world champion still has a racket in his hand, so Persson understands the importance of using synthetic fibres in modern blades. The blade that DONIC has dedicated to its long-time partner is a perfect match for the Swedish Legend: High quality and class are evident in the workmanship, the two layers of acrylate-carbon support the feel of the ball, the veneers of Ayous and Limba provide the mixture of playing fun and power which has always been one of Jörgen Persson’s characteristics. Partners have long since become friends, and fans and experts around the world know that the name Persson guarantees high quality and class: Just like this new blade: DONIC Persson Jubilee 40, a blade that is perfect for many ambitious players - A reason to celebrate.

Technology: 7 layers of Ayous (inner), Acrylate-Carbon (3+5), Ayous (2+6), Limba (1+7 outer)
Character: Sensitive, balanced, yet powerful
Recommendation: For offensive players who rely on controlled attacking strokes
Item no.: 110 220

Product specs

Control: 8+
Speed: 9
Elasticity : nearly stiff
Weight: 85-90
Layers: 7
Characteristics: OFF, OFF -


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