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Donic Defplay Inner Carbon

Donic Defplay Inner Carbon

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Donic Defplay Inner Carbon

The DONIC DEFPLAY INNER CARBON is an innovative defensive blade that features a synthetic inner carbon layer. Similar to the WHIPER INNER CARBON, it has two layers of Hyramid Carbon surrounding the inner Kiri wooden veneer. However, there are two key differences that set the DEFPLAY INNER CARBON apart. Firstly, its inner veneer is 0.4 mm thinner, and secondly, its blade size is slightly larger, resulting in an enlarged sweetspot. These factors contribute to a lower vibration amplitude and significantly improved control. Additionally, the Hyramid Carbon provides the necessary striking power for modern defensive players' attacks.

Technology: 7 layers of Kiri (inner), Ayous (2+6), Hyramid Carbon (3+5), Limba (1+7, outer).
Character: Outstanding control, sensitive, discreetly dynamic
Recommendation: For modern defensive players who want to surprise with attacking strokes.
Item no.: 110 257

Product specs

Control: 9+
Speed: 6
Elasticity : control-elastic
Weight: 85 grams
Layers: 7
Characteristics: AR, AR -, DEF, DEF +


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