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Donic Bluestar A1

Donic Bluestar A1

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  • Control: 5+
  • Speed: 11++
  • Spin: 11++
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Surface: spin-elastic
  • Characteristics: OFF, OFF +

Donic BlueStar A1 Table Tennis Rubber

Donic Bluestar is the latest professional table tennis rubber range from Donic for advanced players and used by many of Donic's sponsored professional players.

Product information 

The BLUESTAR has great potential to become the new star among the DONIC table tennis rubber sheets because of its new technology. The secret of the BLUESTAR lies in its rubber sponge, it is completely different from all other sponges of the DONIC rubber sheets. The developers have proudly called the underlying technology "Optimised Energy Sponge", OPTE for short. A small-pored sponge that sets new standards in terms of elasticity and dampening level due to its special composition, and you can feel this technology instantly when playing.

The fantastic catapult and speed characteristics make the DONIC BLUESTAR A1 an exceptional product. The top sheet unlike the successful rubbers of DONIC’s BLUEGRIP C-Touch series is only slightly sticky but extremely grippy. The former world champion Jörgen Persson is enthusiastic about this new development. "I have never before played such an excellent table tennis rubber," explained the Swedish legend. With a 52,5 degree sponge the BLUESTAR A1 appears relatively hard but only at first glance. In the hands of professional players it quickly becomes a strong trump card. Nevertheless, also ambitious table tennis players who are not active in the top classes can also enjoy the BLUESTAR, although it is particularly recommended for players who practice intensively.

  • Technology: Professional table tennis rubber with OPTE sponge technology, extremely strong catapult, dynamic and fine-pored 52.5° sponge
  • Characteristics: Ultramax speed and spin properties, guarantees precise attacking strokes.
  • Recommended for: Ambitious, uncompromising offensive table tennis players.



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