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Donic Acuda S2

Donic Acuda S2

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Donic Acuda S2 Table Tennis Rubber


  • Control: 7-
  • Speed: 9+
  • Spin: 10++
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Surface: spin-elastic
  • Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -
  • DONIC-Technology: FD3 Technology

Product Information:

The ACUDA series has been a global success for many years. Incredibly dynamic properties, excellent precision and a fantastic playing feel have made the ACUDA series the best-selling series of rubbers in the world. When you play with an ACUDA, you will know why. DONIC has expanded its best-selling series with the ACUDA S1 Turbo. Incredible speed, excellent spin and unmatched dynamics: Thanks to its sophisticated technology, the ACUDA S1 Turbo meets the requirements of even the top players. Players wanting to use this high-end rubber should already have a good level of
experience and training behind them. But with the ACUDA S1 Turbo, they will be getting a rubber that offers an endless range of possibilities.

The ideal rubber for attacking players who previously used soft rubbers with speed glue. ACUDA S2 is a fast rubber with a medium soft large pored sponge. This produces fast speeds and has a uniquely loud sound. ACUDA S2 is well suited both for close to the table and away from the table game. It will give an advantage in topspin/topspin duels. This rubber is particularly enjoyable to play with because of its precise feel.

  • Technology:  Spin-optimised rubber with medium-soft and medium-pore sponge – the perfect balance.
  • Characteristics:  Dynamic, incredibly accurate, very spinny and with a satisfying, loud sound.
  • Recommendation:  Balanced, from power allrounders to offensive players; particularly well suited to controlled spin players.
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