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Donic Coppa X3

Donic Coppa X3

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Donic Coppa X3 Table Tennis Rubber


  • Control: 7
  • Speed: 9-
  • Spin: 10+
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Surface: spin-elastic
  • Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF -
  • DONIC-Technology: FD3 Technology

Product Information:

The COPPA X series features four offensive rubbers that are oriented towards speed. When playing topspin shots, the ball has a slightly flatter flight path and more speed. Coppa X: Tried-and-tested and beloved for many years – an exciting choice for all uncompromising offensive players.

This rubber evokes memories from speed glue times! COPPA X3s loud sound and easily controlled speed will provide great pleasure. This rubber offers perfect control and is suitable for an active topspin game from all positions. DONIC Coppa X3 is very easy to play with. Allround players will also find an improvement in their game.

  • Technology: Offensive rubber with a very soft sponge and a spin-elastic topsheet.
  • Characteristics: Very soft touch, perfect ball control, fun to play with, spinny and with a satisfying sound.
  • Recommendation: Allround players that want lots of control and speed.
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