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Donic Classic Allround

Donic Classic Allround

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Donic Classic Allround Table Tennis Blade

An allround table tennis blade with nine plies, including two made of synthetic fibre: this is an absolute novelty. The core of the Donic Classic Allround shows how much the modern materials differ from those of previous generations. The Aratox fibre used is more of an adhesive layer than a veneer in the conventional sense and cannot be compared to the classic carbon inlays of the past. The use of well-proven woods such as Limba and Koto, combined with the harmonious position of all materials, brings a result that grants the best control, a lot of feeling and also the necessary speed. 

Recommendation: For allround and offensive table tennis players who want to place precisely and attack safely with their racket.

Product Specs

Control: 9
Speed: 8
Elasticity : speed elastic
Weight: 80
Layers: 7
Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF -

Handle Shape
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