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Donic Bluestorm Z3

Donic Bluestorm Z3

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Donic Bluestorm Z3 Table Tennis Rubber


  • control: 8
  • speed: 9+
  • spin: 10+++
  • hardness: soft +
  • surface: spin-elastic
  • Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -
  • DONIC-Technology: FD3 Technology

Product Information:

A significantly thinner topsheet that is under a higher level of tension provides extra space for a thicker sponge, which allows for even more power. The thickest version is called max+ because it is slightly thicker than the sponge used on the traditional Max versions. The Bluestorm offers highly dynamic properties that you really notice, along with excellent spin and speed. This rubber is a sign of where the trend is heading. The Bluestorm is available in seven different versions – find the right Bluestorm for you!

Z3 with its large pored 42.5° sponge is considerably softer. This makes a big difference. One not only feels it but also hears it. An attacking stroke with Bluestorm Z3 sounds like the crash of thunder, yet the topspin player remains in full control.
The softer sponge rubber makes the rubber very easy to play with.
A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber allows for a thicker sponge and lighter weight.

  • Technology: Large-pore sponge, significantly softer with a hardness of 42.5°.
  • Characteristics: Rubber with a great feel and superb for topspins you can hear.
  • Recommendation: Players that want to attack in a controlled manner.
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