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Donic Waldner Black Devil Bluefire M1 Bat

Donic Waldner Black Devil Bluefire M1 Bat

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Donic Waldner Black Devil with Bluefire M1 Rubbers

  • Recommended for players who require optimum speed and spin.
  • Bat is made up of Donic Waldner Black Devil Blade with Bluefire M1 Rubbers Black and Red.
  • Player recommendation: For players who play an aggressive game with fast topspin and smashes and heavy spin serves.
  • Blade is made of Balsa Wood which results in a very light weight blade and provides great feeling along with the speed.
  • Rubbers are very fast and spiny. 

Product Specs

  • Preprepared bat is made up of Donic Black Devil Table Tennis Blade 
  • Weight 80g -
  • Plys - 7 ply -
  • Speed 10- Control 7 &
  • Donic Bluefire M1 Table Tennis Rubbers -Black & Red 
  • Speed 10++ Spin 10++ Control 6
  • Free case


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