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Donic Baxster F1 A

Donic Baxster F1 A

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  • Control: 5
  • Speed: 9+
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Surface: short pimples
  • Characteristics: OFF, OFF -

Donic Baxster F1 A Table Tennis Rubber

Pimples out in FORMULA DONIC technology. The DONIC pimple out programme is completed with DONIC BAXSTER F1-A a fast pimple out rubber sheet in FORMULA DONIC technology. The typical softness of the sponge gives a superb feeling for the ball. The BAXSTER F1-A masters ball control in slow rallies, yet gives explosive power for fast strokes. This is the result of the integrated molecular tension of FORMULA DONIC.

Sponge thickness
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