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Donic Akkadi Taichi

Donic Akkadi Taichi

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Donic Akkadi Taichi Table Tennis Rubber


  • Control: 8 -
  • Speed: 7
  • Spin: 10+
  • Hardness: Medium+
  • Surface: sticky-elastic
  • Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF -

Product Information:

The AKKADI TAICHI has a tacky-grippy topsheet that creates an extremely high level of spin and rotation. It is available in two versions: The black AKKADI TAICHI features a special black sponge and is slightly harder and more direct than the red version, which has a cream-coloured sponge and is slightly more elastic. The red AKKADI TAICHI provides even better ball feedback. However, for the forehand we would recommend the black version. It opens up an endless range of possibilities when serving to open the game and hitting the first topspin shot in a rally.

  • Technology: Medium-hard sponge, tacky-elastic topsheet.
  • Characteristics: Tacky-grippy, incredibly spinny, medium-fast, excellent control.
  • Recommendation: All-round and defensive players who put a lot of importance on rotation during spin and act with undercut balls.
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